At Ridgeline Metal, we’re big on accountability and taking responsibility. One thing we hang our hat on is the fact that we are able to trace our products back to their origin. We know exactly where we got our materials and who to go to if our customers have a problem down the line. Ridgeline Metal offers custom metal roofing and metal siding made from premium materials that are perfect for homes, garages and other residential buildings.

Custom metal roofing and metal siding from Ridgeline Metal stands up to the harshest elements from the coldest, snowiest climates to the hottest and most humid. Steel roofing’s durability makes it significantly less expensive to own over the lifetime of your home. Pair that with a 40-year paint warranty and you have the perfect residential alternative to composition roofing.



  • Save money cooling your home in times of high heat with energy efficient metal roofing
  • 40-year paint warranty decreases the frequency to replace roofing
  • Steel is incredibly durable
  • A variety of colors available means the ultimate in personalization and customization
  • Ridgeline Metal manufactures metal roofing panels to the exact specifications you need
  • Four different panel styles

Ridgeline Metal’s custom metal roofing has lasting benefits for residential homes and buildings. Learn more about our custom metal roofing panels, colors and trim styles available.

A long barn
Metal roofing provides lasting value for commercial, agricultural and residential customers. Contact Ridgeline Metal to learn more about our different custom metal roofing panel options.