Metal roofs and buildings require specific insulation and vapor barrier to meet the demands of condensation and breath-ability. Depending on whether your building is sheeted or not, or if you require insulation, we have it all, including the necessary tapes for installation.

Condensation Control Blanket Insulation

Vinyl-reinforced fiberglass insulation not only provides R-Value to your metal building but also acts as a vapor barrier against condensation. Available in 6’x50′ or 6’x100′ rolls.

ccb 1

Synthetic Roofing Underlayment

In the event you are sheeting your roof with plywood or substrate sheets, we recommend that you install a high quality synthetic underlayment, such as Epilay Platinum. Epilay is a four layer, 17 mil, top of the line, premium, heavy duty, commercial underlayment that is specifically designed for use under metal roofing. Epilay is available in 4’x250′ rolls.

epilay 3

In the case of open rafter construction, you need an underlayment that holds up, which is why we offer Dura-Skrim. A multi-layer, scrim reinforced, 6 mil, polyethylene underlayment that is available in 12’x100′ or 20’x100′ rolls.

dura skrim 1

Facing & Double Stick Tape

For assisting in the installation of insulation, certain tapes are necessary and you can find them here. We offer both a 3″x150′ cold-weather facing tape as well as a 1.5″x180′ double-stick cold weather tape.

patch tape

double stick tape 2