There are certain key places on your roof that need to be closed up at the time of installation. In all cases, there is a closure for you that is designed for your application.


A polyester-based ventilation product with the following specs:

  • Won’t absorb moisture, which can freeze and block all ventilation
  • Easy, one-person installation
  • 40-year limited warranty
  • ASTM testing: D1929, D737
  • Available in 10’ rolls

Primarily designed to be used under the ridge cap for the sake of ventilation, Flex-O-Vent is not profile sensitive, which means it conforms to most roof panel profiles. With a continuous glue strip, Flex-O-Vent is easily installed by one person and requires no caulking, sealants or clips. Flex-O-Vent is extremely durable, flame-resistant, clog-resistant, and tear-resistant, resulting in great ventilation for your roof.


Emseal AST

Emseal is the ideal choice for closing up places that don’t need to breathe or be ventilated. This sealant type is a compressed closure that expands to fill voids so you can rest easier. It is used to seal out dust, air, wind-driven snow and moisture, resulting in a tight seal. Because Emseal is not profile sensitive, it conforms to most panels, therefore it is ideal where a complete seal is needed.


Profile Panel Closures

These closures perfectly match the shape of your Ridgeline Metal panel, therefore they are designed to virtually eliminate moisture absorption and vapor transmission problems that are found in basic open cell closures. Engineered not to crack, shrink or dry out, profile closures are easy to install and they resist moisture, resulting in a well sealed building.


Universal Closure

An inexpensive solution for hips, valleys, eaves and other unique voids, is to use universal closure. Because this type of closure is not profile sensitive, it will conform to nearly any panel, resulting in a closed finish.