11 Aug

Eco Friendly and Efficient Metal Siding

In addition to being an eco-friendly material, metal siding has energy efficient properties. The reflective nature of the panels keeps buildings cooler by reflecting the sun’s heat. Keeping your commercial, agricultural and residential buildings cool from the outside prevents the need to cool them from the inside. Save energy and money over the long run with custom metal siding.

Ridgeline Metal manufactures a variety of metal siding styles to best fit your commercial, agricultural or residential needs. Contact us for more information about specific, custom metal siding needs.

Some benefits of metal siding include:


  • 40-year paint warranty
  • Panels are custom manufactured to exact lengths
  • Ridgeline Metal uses top-of-the-line materials
  • A variety of color options to choose from including custom options available upon request
  • 4 different panel styles available
  • Designed and engineered for structural integrity and durability


At Ridgeline Metal, we square cut metal siding to the exact length needed for installation. This causes very little waste, which makes metal siding an eco-friendly product.

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